Galicia has a great lifestyle and an amazing range of properties to offer. There are a lot of people in the UK and other countries searching for these exact same things, and’s mission is to help them find and create their ideal Galician home.

Galiciaproperty routinely partners with good, local property professionals and businesses to ensure that all aspects of a property purchase, sale, restoration or new build are handled by an expert in that field rather than one person trying, probably at the expense of their clients, to be an expert at everything.

Our experience of people migrating to Galicia from other EU countries is that the services we offer here are of genuine benefit and, more often than not, will end up saving clients considerable amounts of money, time and also stress and anxiety.

You’ll see the services we offer mentioned in various places throughout this site, but here is the full list:

Galiciaproperty search service

This service is ideal for people who are serious about wanting to move to Galicia who are searching for a property from abroad and/or who lack the Spanish, local knowledge and/or time to search by themselves.

Get the full details of this service on our property search service page.

Galiciaproperty plan & manage service

If you have a Galician property you plan to restore or a plot you plan to build on but you are doing this from abroad or lack the Spanish and/or construction knowledge to plan and manage it yourself, what could be better than bringing in a UK qualfied architectural technologist who lives in Galicia to ensure that you get exactly what you want without it costing any extra?

Get the full details of this service on our plan & manage service page.

Galiciaproperty sales service

This is something we hope to offer in the future. At the moment we are able to arrange assistance with your sale as detailed on our sell property page.

Galiciaproperty purchase assist service

If you’ve found the property you want then you’ll want to ensure the purchase goes through smoothly and quickly but also that you are informed and protected at all stages. This service provides native English speaking, experienced representation and support on the ground and can save particularly those buying from abroad a lot of time, money and stress.

Get the full details of this service on our property purchase assist service page.

Galiciaproperty try before you buy service

Migrating from the north of the EU to Galicia is an idea that’s been around for a while, even if not a mainstream one. If you also have idea then why not rent one of the properties listed here that matches your preferences, get some useful information from the (English speaking northern EU migrant) owners, and get a premonition of what your life could be like. Love it or hate it, it’s much better to know.

Get the full details of this service on our try before you buy service page.