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search_for_propertyIn our property listings page you can find the most detailed listings available anywhere in Galicia for’s own featured properties.

We recognise that international clients often need to take valuable time off work and book expensive flights, hotels and rental cars to come to Galicia to view properties, so our listings are designed to give you enough information to make that trip with confidence. also believes that you should search for your Galician property as widely and thoroughly as possible, and so to help with this we provide a comprehensive directory of all the websites we know of that offer Galician property for sale.

We believe that when you look around the various sites you will appreciate the difference between how Galiciaproperty lists properties and how everyone else does it. If you find a property that interests you on another website you can employ us on an hourly basis to go and check it out for you; see our search service section for details.

As all this theory makes a lot more sense when you see it in a real life context, we’ve provided a property search case study from 2014 of a beautiful Galician beach house that turned out to have a few serious problems to go with its sensational views.

If you’re definitely looking to buy a Galician property but lack the time, language or local knowledge then the search service is available to help you. For a low hourly rate you can have a native English speaking, UK qualified architectural technologist visit properties of interest for you and send you the details, high resolution photos and videos that enable you to decide whether to make a trip to view the property for yourself.