So, the history of GaliciaProperty.com is that I set it up years ago with the aim of making a business out of it in Galicia, where I live.
My name is David Imrie, a UK escapee who fell for Galicia back in 2003 and studied for an Architectural Technology HND to do this before moving out here permanently in 2012 to finally enact my GaliciaProperty plan.
Things were progressing decently enough…but then Brexit happened. Being British, UK expats were my primary market. The thing is that most who buy property in Galicia do so in order to live there year round, and Brexit took away this right from UK citizens. I saw the writing on the wall pretty clearly, looked around for another way to earn a living out in Galicia, and I’m now a freelance editor specialising in novels (here’s my website).
But I still live out in Galicia (near Pontedeume, inbetween A Coruna and Ferrol) and I’m still enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Galician property and the whole legality checks and purchase process. I therefore still take on the odd client. As I have another full-time job I’ve narrowed what I’ll do to the following:

  • I’ll often do surveys, especially if they’re in A Coruna province (the area I know best is the northern coast between A Coruna and Viveiro).
  • Anyone I take on as a client (with a survey) I will also normally help with the property check and purchase process (if they want). I’ll occasionally measure and CAD model a house to help guide restorations too.
  • I no longer manage property restorations – this only makes sense if you’re doing a number of them. I’m not and I’m also long out of that whole loop of contacts now.

Yes, I know that these options still show on the website. The problem is the site uses an old WordPress theme and the delete button no longer works to remove them! At some point I should/might update the entire website…but, as above, this isn’t my main work anymore.

Finally, staying on the above topic: WARNING! This website was written in 2014/15 and the prices of houses, building work and a few other things covered in the voluminous pages are now very out of date. Please understand this if you rely on this site in any way.

There still is a contact form here but that has also stopped working. If you’d like to get in touch email me, David Imrie, at david@[replace brackets and all between with my full name, no spaces].com

As above, the contact form below does not work! (So please don’t use it)