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sell_propertyIf you have a Galician property you want to sell then this section tells you how best to market it and also what the sales process and costs are.

The selling property guide tells you how best to market your property to international buyers. At the current time the standard of information and presentation common to most Galician agents/inmobiliarias falls considerably below what international buyers expect and because of this many who might consider buying a Galician property either don’t buy at all or buy property elsewhere in Europe.

This guide sets out the standards expected by the international market and, whether you choose to use galiciaproperty to market you property internationally or not, aims to help you present you property as well as possible.

The sales process section provides step by step details what selling a house in Galicia involves and can help you enjoy a faster and smoother sale by explaining what needs to be done for a property sale to complete.

As the proceeds from selling your Galician property will often be reinvested in a different property, it is vital to have a clear picture of the sales finances so that you can calculate how much money you are likely to be left with when the property is sold and all the bills have been paid.

The sales finances section goes through the costs in detail to help you calculate the specific and total costs of selling your Galician property.

In the future (although probably not a BREXIT implemented one) aims to offer a property sales service, but at this time we don’t. Property owners wishing to sell can list one property to sell directly for free to the Spanish domestic market on:


To advertise to the UK market there are free sites such as gumtree but the most widely used site is rightmove. can provide help with the sales process such as:

  • helping you write a listing for self-publication (on the above sites or elsewhere)
  • arranging viewings and other logistics
  • collecting documentation and sending it to a Notary
  • resolving issues with problematic documentation

Please use the form below to contact us about our sales assist service.

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