Try before you buy

Moving to Galicia or even just buying a holiday home here is a major decision and one that should be taken with as much preparation as possible.
If you’ve no particular pre-existing connection with Galicia then the best preparation you can make for buying a Galician property is to try living here before you buy.

For this reason has put together its try-before-you-buy service.

What is try before you buy?

This is a network of representative properties that are available for short term, informal rental direct from the owners and also some north European expats living in Galicia who have a part of their property (anything from a spare room to a complete guest house) that they are prepared to rent out, again on a short term, informal basis, to people looking to buy a property in Galicia.

What are the benefits?

As well as allowing you to dip your toe into Galician life this service often comes with the bonus of a truckload of free advice from people who’ve already done what you’re thinking of doing.

What does it cost?

Galiciaproperty doesn’t charge anyone for this service, partly because it doesn’t really take any time to put potential clients in touch with people (all of whom are also friends) who can rent them a place to try the lifestyle here, but also because we’re confident enough in what Galicia offers to know that most people who try will be back to buy :o)

So the cost is whatever the property owners and you agree on, and remember that throwing in a few hours labour can often bring the price down!


To save the environment we have simply reused some airbnb listings here! If you see something you like you can use the form below to get in direct contact with the owner.

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Please use the form below to contact us about this service.

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