Living in Galicia

living_in_galiciaBuying and restoring a home in Galicia is one thing, but what’s it like to live here? This section aims to help people considering a move to Galicia understand the actualities of life in Galicia, specifically:

  • What the cost of living in Galicia is.
  • Working in Galicia takes a realistic look at what the job prospects for foreigners moving to Galicia are.
  • Maintaining links to home, which basically means being able to call family and friends back home, buy the things you are accustomed to or that are in your language, and get TV from the motherland.
  • And transport links covers the various routes to and from Galicia by road, rail, air and sea.

And, of course, when moving to a different country there is a whole mass of registrations, laws, taxes and so on to deal with, and all in a new language.
This section provides step by step, Galicia specific guides to the main registration processes anyone moving here will have to go through:

  • Laws and taxes includes the various formal registrations foreigners moving to Spain are obliged to make, amongst other things.
  • Healthcare describes how to access Spain’s excellent public healthcare system.
  • Motoring covers how to re-register a foreign car in Spain and also has some general information on roads and driving in Galicia.

Finally, for anyone who wants to experience a little Galician living, and perhaps also meet a shadow of themselves from a few years into the future, before taking the plunge and buying a Galician property: