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Galiciaproperty.com only went live in March 2015 and we’re very choosy about what properties we agree to list. Whilst we’re working on adding properties all the time we’re aware that we don’t exactly have a great selection yet…

So, until we do, here is a top 10 favourite fairly high end properties currently on the market in Galicia. The photos are taken straight from the estate agent websites, but if you see anything you like and want it investigated further before committing your own time to visiting and viewing then please consider using our very competitively priced property search service.

Top 10 fairly high end properties (Jan 2015)


#1 Light and modern family home 5 minutes from A Coruna city centre.
Tucked away somewhere in a patch of woods just a 10 minute drive east from the centre of A Coruna is this extremely (or so it appears) well priced house. It’s design is unusually light and Scandinavian in feel for Galicia, and for a big house with a reasonable plot plus a small swimming pool and with the city, the airport and some lovely beaches in such close proximity this looks like an absolute bargain. Annoyingly I just cannot find it on the map and so the link is the approximate area :o(

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Property || Map || 220,000€


#2 Architect designed villa near Sanxenxo and its beaches
This property reeks of high build cost: it’s stone faced, has what looks like a prime location just outside the popular resort town of Sanxenxo, has a load of external landscaping with more stone walls, and is clearly a bespoke architect design. With the town and excellent beaches within walking distance and the famous Rias Baixas wine area just to the north, frankly the plot alone is almost worth the sale price and this looks like a true bargain.
Property || Map || 420,000€


#3 Enormous stone built rural hotel near Cedeira
For sheer bricks (or stone) and mortar value for money nothing beats this. It was restored as a high end rural hotel in a place where there isn’t much demand for high end rural hotels, and then the recession came and clearly the bank is now making threatening noises because this place has been on the market for 18 months and the price has dropped from 1.2 million to 395,000€ (although bear in mind there may well be grants with the condition of the property remaining as a rural hotel that would otherwise be repayable). The restoration looks to be of extremely high quality, and there is even a heated swimming pool

*** March 2015 – you can now buy this property through Galiciaproperty.com. Please see our listings page contact us if you are interested ***

Property || Map || 395,000€


#4 Generous farmhouse in a nice setting near a national park near Pontedeume
Somewhere in the countryside near the beautiful national park of Fragas de Eume is this nice looking country property. Finding a country property that isn’t crammed into a hamlet and doesn’t have a road right up against it is a rarity. This one has a good plot and extensive outbuildings, all in traditional stone, and could be a real gem. The downsides are that the interior looks like it was done several decades ago and so it’s probably cold, damp and may well have woodworm. It’s also hard to tell from the photos, but my guess is that the roof requires some significant attention. Unfortunately I don’t have a clear enough area to start looking for this on a map in so the map link is general.

Property || Map || 250,000€


#5 Large villa with great sea views and living+letting potential near Pontedeume
Walking distance along the coast from the lovely town of Pontedeume (genuinely one of the nicest small towns in Galicia) is this huge, pink probably 1970s house looking north over the ria towards Redes. With such a big building this could be a spectacular and decadent family home or a very viable house with income generation from partial summer renting or B&B. It probably has some serious damp problems as 2 storeys are underground on one side, and the other downside is that as a heavily glazed property built into the north facing slope of a large hill it will be very hot in summer and very cold in winter. That said, on streetview you can see that two air conditioning units and a huge satellite dish have been mounted on the roof and this may indicate that some significant money has been spent improving this property recently. And of course the views are amazing.

Property || Map || 395,000€


#6 Large villa a stone’s throw from the beach in Mino
If you’re interested in living in a big house that has potential for a B&B business then this property in Mino is worth a look. On the minus side the building looks a little tired and a giant pink tower block has been built behind it greatly diminishing any potential for privacy in the garden, but on the plus side it is literally a stone’s throw from one of Galicia’s best family beaches, is right next to a motorway access road (but not so you can hear the motorway), and has good restaurants and cafes within a 1 minute walk.
Property || Map || 450,000€


#7 Art deco house in a prime town centre location with great views in Ortiguiera
This vaguely art deco villa is right in the town centre of the northern town of Ortigueira with all facilities within easy walking distance and glorious views to the west over the Ria de Ortigueira to the Capelada. It is likely to be in fairly tired condition and with access on foot only would frankly be a right pig to restore, but it might be a house worthy of a labour of love. This area also makes you feel like you’ve really got away from it all. Note that although it looks like a detached house in the photo, it isn’t. No streetview because there’s no car access, but it’s furthest right of the block of houses on Rua de Castelo.
Property || Map || 180,000€


#8 Villa with good space around it and sea views near Sada
Situated just outside a small hamlet to the north of the quite upmarket town of Sada, this slightly odd looking and unfortunately coloured house appears to be a reasonably modern build with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. At around 1/3 of an acre the plot is a good size. This location provides morning sun from the east and is around a 20 minute drive to A Coruna or its airport.
Property || Map || 330,000€


#9 New build villa near Mino and the ria de Betanzos beaches
On a south facing hillside between Mino and Perbes, this new build house appears to offer good value for money along with excellent proximity to a small, local beach in the warm, sheltered Ria de Betanzos. There is a small development of similar houses that look to be of good build quality and it’s a nice location. Another plus, and a rarity in Galicia, is that this house has been fitted and decorated internally with a neutral, low-key palette. The downside not easily visible in the photo is that this property is crammed in next to two others much more than you would believe from the photo and is also quite close to the main road serving that stretch of coast.
Property || Map || 330,000€


#10 Casa Indiana restoration project in a good location in the hills near Cedeira
This is a property that will soon be one of Galiciaproperty’s first listings. It’s on the edge of a nice hamlet 7km from the upmarket town of Cedeira and to the north are only the hills and wild horses of the Capelada before you come to the 2000ft high cliffs at the northwest tip of Spain. Be under no illusions, this casa Indiana style property is a complete restoration job, but the walls (stone) and chestnut main beams look well constructed and sound. Offering 4 storeys with stunning views to the south across a valley plus extensive (poor quality construction) outbuildings and a good plot of land, this could be turned into something unusual and beautiful.

*** March 2015 – you can now buy this property through Galiciaproperty.com. Please see our listings page contact us if you are interested ***

Map || 75,000€