Galicia property services and information

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Welcome to probably the most trusted Galicia property related website on the net and also the best foreign buyer information resource page for Galicia. is a UK company set up to provide services such as property searches and structural surveys to primarily UK (but also other foreign, English speaking) clients looking to buy or sell property in Galicia, NW Spain.
We provide comprehensive guides to searching for and buying, selling and restoring a property in Galicia and support services for international buyers. along with a wealth of background information Galican property owners will need, and all in native English and authored by a UK qualified architectural technologist. This is the place to start your Galician adventure!

BREXIT: following the result of the UK referendum to exit the EU we advise all UK citizens contemplating buying a property in Galicia to consider carefully:

  1. Currently UK citizens can reside and work legally in Spain on the basis of a UK passport. This may change.
  2. Currently UK citizens of pensionable age or with sufficient national insurance contributions are eligible for an S1 form that provides them with full access to Spanish state healthcare (paid for by the UK). This is very likely to change.
  3. Currently UK pensions paid to pensioners residing in another EU country rise with inflation. This may well change.

On the other hand you may well want to get out of the UK and into continental Europe while you still can, in which case why not consider Galicia, Spain’s beautiful northwest tip! Here the housing market is still at a recent times historical low and so it’s a great time to pick up a sea view holiday home near the beach, a rustic farmhouse with land or a bargain priced stone cottage to restore. Galicia has all of these at some of western Europe’s lowest prices.

We recognise that for international clients to view a Galician property means taking precious vacation and booking flights and hotels, and that listings that miss out important details make for wasted time and money. Our services can help you avoid this and give you confidence that you are not falling prey to victim to one of the several disreputable real estate agencies which operate here.

With 3 daily, direct flights to London, vibrant and historic cities, stunning beaches and mountains, a warm, mild climate, superb locally produced food and wine, the perfect setting for every outdoor sport you could wish for and amazing and surprisingly cheap properties Galicia really is Spanish property’s hidden gem. If you have a foreign property dream Galicia could be where it becomes reality.