Restoration & build

resbuildThis restoration and build section is authored by a UK qualified architectural technologist to provide anyone planning a Galician restoration or new build project with Galicia-specific construction details and solutions.

This section should help you if you’ve already got the plot or old house for your project, but is also designed to help guide your search for your ideal Galician property by letting you know what is really involved with a restoration or new build project.

  • Construction fundamentals looks at the essence of what house building is about to provide a basic orientation for your project.
  • Construction for health and comfort gets more into the science of what makes a building feel comfortable and be healthy to live in and also explains some modern building technologies to incorporate into your project to achieve this.
  • Eco building in Galicia covers the theory behind making more environmentally friendly buildings, but also looks at what is actually practicable to do in Galicia based on the available materials, technologies and specialist labour and in the context of the Galician climate.
  • House types of Galicia gives you the design and construction method basics of the housing types that make up some 99% of Galician houses.
  • Galician construction methods gives the technical details of  the two types of construction method (stone wall and concrete framed) used in nearly all Galician houses.
  • Stone walled problems and solutions and concrete framed problems and solutions follow on from the construction methods page to detail the typical problems you get in Galicia from the two main construction methods, and how to solve them within the context of an overall plan of works for each construction type.

Of course there’s more to building than just the actual building, and so this section also covers the planning, paperwork and budget side of restoring a property or doing a new build in Galicia.

  • Planning a build or restoration is vital if you want to get the end result you want in a timescale and at a cost you understand and are prepared for.
  • Restoration and build finances is also essential planning for anyone with a budget for their project, and this section covers estimating costs in Galicia.
  • Building permissions is a significant factor in any Galician restoration or new build project and needs to be considered from the earliest stage possible, and this section helps give you the relevant information for Galicia.
  • Services connections can add significant costs to a project and sometimes may not even be available, so this section covers the major issues to check out when restoring or doing a new build in Galicia.

If you read all the above thoroughly it should make your head start to hurt, and for this Galiciaproperty provides the soothing aspirin of its modestly priced plan & manage service for your new build or restoration project.