Expat blog links

Galicia may be comparatively undiscovered but there are is a healthy scattering of north European migrants right across Galicia. And many of them have blogs of some sort which make for interesting and informative reading if you’re considering a move to Galicia yourself.

Here are some blog pages I know about. And if you’ve emigrated to Galicia, have a blog page and would like it listed here please contact us.


Tucked away at the end of the small village of Mer near the stunning Canon do Sil is an inspiring example of what two keen gardeners (from Germany by way of England) can create from an old village house with some land attached.

Sadly only available in Spanish and German, this is the blog page of perhaps the most admirable and hard working couple I know and their 6 or 7 years and counting restoration of a Galician pazo. (In Spanish, select “Fotos de nuestro proyecto”).

Prolific UK expat blogger Colin Davies maintains two websites from his base in Pontevedra:
http://www.colindavies.net/ (you may want sunglasses for this one ;o)

And two more UK expat blogs: