Buying property guide

buy_property_guideBuying a property in a country you know well is a daunting enough prospect, and so buying a property in a foreign country where you aren’t familiar with the laws and processes and perhaps also don’t speak the language is of course a stressful thing.

At we believe in keeping people fully informed each step of the way, and so this section covers more or less every aspect of buying a property in Galicia.

The first step on the road to owning a Galician property is deciding to buy here and then finding the property that you want.

  • Why buy in Galicia? contains some very general thoughts about the attractiveness of the prospects for Galician property.
  • …and whether or not you agree with, ignore or didn’t even read that section, if you’re starting to search for Galician property it’s useful to know about property pricing and advertising and also how to go about searching for property in Galicia.

And if you find the property for you…

  • Some services can be expensive to connect or may not even be available, and so services checks are essential before you consider putting in an offer on a property.
  • When you do agree to buy a property there are checks that should be completed before paying a deposit and ultimately completing a purchase. The purchase process and checks section gives you step by step detail of what’s involved in a property purchase in Galicia.
  • And, of course, you will need to understand what the total cost of the purchase will be, so the purchase finances section details the typical extra costs and how much they are.

Finally, if you’re buying a Galician property but can’t be here during the whole process and want representation, lack the language, don’t understand the processes and/or simply want someone you can speak to in native English on the ground and on your side, then the purchase assist service could save you a lot of time, money and stress.