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One of the main reasons for creating is the huge gap between the level of information Spanish real estate agents are accustomed to providing about their listed properties and the information foreign potential purchasers are used to getting for real estate in their own countries and, indeed, require in order for them to effectively search for Galician property from abroad.

Maybe someday the level of information provides for properties it advertises will become standard in Galicia, but in the meantime most listings have sketchy details, bad photos, don’t show the surroundings and don’t have GPS data or accurate map links.
Not good news if you’re thinking of taking precious time off work and buying flights and hotels to come and view a property.

The galiciaproperty ethos is, though, that you should look as widely as you can and for this reason here is a fairly comprehensive directory of the Galician real estate sites
….and remember that if you find some properties that look interesting and want them checked out by a locally based UK qualified architectural technologist who has your and only your interests in mind Galiciaproperty offers a very competitively priced property search service.

About this directory

There are three categories for this directory.

  • Spanish meta-sites, which are sites with national or international coverage that provide a listing platform for agents. These normally have a good web interface, save favourites and so on but often suffer from poor quality data input by agents (particularly exact location – a lot of agents just won’t reveal this, presumably in case another agent tries to “steal” the listing rights and therefore commission for the property).
  • Galician real estate agencies run by foreigners in Galicia (or pitched at the international market). These agents normally speak (and in some cases are) English and often have a catalogue of properties spread all over Galicia well suited to the foreign buyer market (rustic charm, sea view villas, etc). Normally you will also find all the properties these agents have listed on meta-sites.
  • Estate agencies run by local people or Spanish independent agencies. Galicia still doesn’t really have chains, franchises and so on in most sectors and so each little town will have its own established estate agent (inmobiliaria) or two, or fifteen in boom times, whilst cities have many small agencies which handle the city and the surrounding countryside.
    The long term survivors in this category are often heavily linked (ie. same family) to local construction companies, typically have inadequate web pages, normally feel uncomfortable giving much detail in their listings, and don’t speak any foreign languages. That said, they do know their local areas intimately and so can sometimes have the best properties of all. The vast majority now list their properties on meta sites, but some still don’t. Galician agents tend to be fairly low pressure sales people and often turn out to be extremely patient and helpful, for example with sorting out accounts, bills and bureaucracy, sometimes even after their commission has been banked.
Spanish meta-sites

(Tip: always use Spanish sites in Spanish for more info)

Local agencies run by English speaking foreigners

(These sites are all in English)

Local / independent agent sites

…this section is still being compiled (check back soon), but the vast majority of these agents are now reproducing their full listings on meta-sites which have much better user interfaces, and so this section is just for the extremely thorough.