About galiciaproperty.com

Galiciaproperty.com’s representative in Galicia is David Imrie, a UK qualified architectural technologist who also has a degree from Oxford University in Psychology. David is permanently settled near A Coruña in Galicia with his wife and little son.

David doesn’t claim an encyclopedic knowledge of every town in Galicia and all things Galician, but he does understand building technology, the Galician real estate market, and also the benefits for and challenges facing foreigners who own a property in Galicia.

This means that if you have Galiciaproperty.com’s help buying and/or restoring a property in Galicia you’ll be be fully informed (in native English) about the realities and the costs as well as the good things every step of the way.

Galiciaproperty.com is owned and operated by Scottish internet services company DIAD Ltd. (UK registered company SC497976).

Why we started this business

There are a lot of people in the UK and other countries (principally northern Europe) who live in entirely uninspiring houses for predominantly economic reasons and who yearn for a property that has character, has green space, looks out over the sea or the mountains, is near to a beach, has a warmer climate, etcetera.
Basically something that provides lifestyle and feeds the soul in a way that the place you live in because it’s convenient for work doesn’t.

Galicia is a lesser known part of Spain that has a wealth of exactly this kind of property available at some of Europe’s lowest prices and with four daily flights often offering door to door travel times of less than 5 hours from greater London. Unfortunately these properties are advertised quite badly and for the most part only in Spanish, and as a result rarely show up on the radar of international buyers.

International buyers are also put off Galicia because there just isn’t much information about buying, owning and restoring Galician property out there in English.

This is the rationale behind galiciaproperty.com; to inform international buyers about the Galician property market and to advertise a selection of the best Galician properties in English and with the comprehensive level of detail and accuracy and honesty that international buyers expect, and thus to connect a supply and a demand.

How we work

Rather than try to do everything ourselves, at Galiciaproperty.com we focus on where we can add value and partner with local professionals where their expertise is greater than ours.

Most of our property listings are re-advertised by us for local real estate agents. Working with local agents means that buyers benefit from their ability to source the best properties in their areas and their knowledge of and personal connections inside the many tentacles of Spanish bureaucracy that are an unavoidable part of buying property in Spain. Generally this ensures a faster and smoother purchase without unpleasant surprises.

These local agents are happy to work (and share commission – note that you never pay more for buying through Galiciaproperty.com; we are very explicit about this in our contracts with agents) with us because for the most part they are small, independent family firms or partnerships that have minimal or no English skills, pretty dire websites and also no real idea what level of detail international buyers expect to see in property advertisements.
They do want to advertise to this market though, and galiciaproperty.com provides what they need for that.

The benefit to international buyers of using galiciaproperty.com is that properties are listed with GPS fixes, photographs that give a genuine and complete picture of the property and its immediate surroundings, and full and accurate details from someone with an architectural technology qualification, and all in native English.

You will also be dealing with our representative David from initial enquiries though to the completion of your property purchase or restoration. We believe that the idea of galiciaproperty.com is a good one but also that for it to succeed reputation is key, and so we work as hard as we can to ensure that every one of its customers feels supported and happy throughout.